Amelia Mekarzel


Color photograph of two SJU women's tennis players. They are doubles teammates and are high-fiving after having completed a set. Both girls are in all black jerseys composed of a tank top and skirt with black visors on.
SJU Women's tennis player Olivia Slate during match. She is in all black uniform and reaching down low with the racket in her right hand to hit the ball. There is greenery in the distance behind the blue and green tennis courts.
Two SJU Women's Tennis players shaking hands over the net with the one member of the opposing team after beating them in doubles. The SJU players are in black tank top and skirt jerseys with black visors. The opposing player is in a white t-shirts with a red hat on.
SJU Mens tennis player mid match in action. He is wearing a red tshirt that is darkened with sweat and wearing black shorts. He has a white backwards hat on. He is bending down to hit the ball and it is inches away from hitting his racket.
Photograph of SJU Women's Tennis player mid-match in action. She has blonde hair and is wearing an all black jersey composed of a tank top and skirt. She has a black visor on. She has a red racket in her hand and is reaching her arm out towards the ball that appears to be 3 to 4 feet away from her racket.
Color photograph of SJU Mens tennis player. He is approaching the camera while looking away. He is wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts with a white Nike hat on. He is yelling to celebrate his win while his hands are in a fist.