Amelia Mekarzel


Color photograph of Saint Joseph's University lacrosse player Zach Cole #7 and Richmond University lacrosse player taking the faceoff. The Richmond player is in a vibrant red uniform and the St. Joe's player is in a white jersey with grey shorts. Cole's stick is overtop the ball.
Color photograph of four Saint Joseph's University mens lacrosse players. The men are in white jerseys with red numbers and wearing grey shorts. They are embracing eachother in a group hug on the field after having scored.
Color photogrpah of SJU Mens lacrosse game. The SJU team is wearing white jerseys with grey shorts and they are playing Univeristy of Richmond, who are wearing all red jerseys. The SJU player is defending the Richmond player and has his arms and stick horizontally extended on the Richmond player's body.
Color photograph of SJU Men's lacrosse player in action during a game against the University of Richmond. He has the ball in his stick and is mid step, making him appear as though he is floating. His jersey is white with grey shorts and is wearing white socks, white cleats and a white helmet.
Color photograph of the SJU Men's Lacrosse team. It is a wide shot photograph that pictures two huddles. There are two blooming trees with white flowers on them behind the team.
Color Photograph of the SJU men's lacrosse goalie. He is inside the goalie cirlce and is mid-jump with the ball in his stick. He is attempting to clear the ball. He is wearing grey shorts with a white jersey and white helmet.