Field Hockey

SJU Field Hockey player in action mid game. She is wearing a red uniform and holding a dark grey stick. She is bending down and winding up to hit the ball.
SJU Field Hockey Team coaches smiling for a group photo. There are four people, one man on the left and three women to his right. They are all in black SJU HAWKS Field Hockey T-Shirts. They are on the green field with greenery in the distance and the scoreboard behind them.
SJU Field Hockey player action shot during a game. She is in a red jersey and is mid air, running with the ball. Her stick is grey.
SJU Field Hockey players in red jerseys after a goal was scored. A few girls are hugging, while another has her hand up to recieve a high five, one girl has a big smile on her face. They are all on the field walking away from the goal.
SJU Field Hockey player #21 standing on the field. She is in a red jersey and the numbers on her jersey are grey, outlined in white. She is tossing the ball up to herself with her stick, so that the ball is mid air and her stick is parallel to the ground.
SJU Field Hockey team group photo on the field hockey field. There are three rows of people. All the players are in red jerseys, except three girls in the middle of the top row who are wearing dark grey jerseys. There is greenery behind them in the distace as well as the red scoreboard.