Amelia Mekarzel

About Me

Black and white photo of Amelia Mekarzel sitting in a cable car in Santorini, Greece holding a DSLR camera

Hey there!

My name is Amelia Mekarzel. I've been taking pictures for quite a while now and hope to pursue a career in a creative field like advertising or marketing! I'm happiest when im traveling, cooking, around dogs, or spending time with the people I love. I take a bunch of different types of picture, but the ones on my website focus on athletics. Feel free to look around!

The core beleive that guide my work is the idea that photography has the ability to tell a story that can elicit emotions and make positive change. As a student continuing to develop my portfolio every year I hope to reach this level of thoughtfullness and planning in my portfolio. While this core belief might not fully shine through my work quite yet, I would like this to be the goal of my work. I hope to use my website to remind me of this goal and keep me on track to potraying it through my work in the future.